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Down day!

Nat had a bad night last night, we got up really late - like 10am, so neither of us went to school.
I posted all of the parcels from ebay, sent some money to SA and paid my rent a few months in advance, printed off all of my travel documents etc for DLP and put them with my passport ready. Did 3 loads of washing so I can choose which clothes for me and Nathi to take, am hoping it doesn't rain but also hoping it isn't too hot there as I want Nathi to wear his Buzz outfit!
Went out for lunch with mom and Nat, then we went to softplay for a good few hours, Nat enjoyed himself :) I think I've been feeling abit down about Nathi growing up lately, been having terrible nightmares about him and just generally feel sad, feel like I am losing my little baby!
Felt quite lonely today, just wanted a hug.........the perils of a long distance relationship I guess, but only 2 sleeps until Friday :)
Some tops I had ordered arrived today, a nautical one with a huge anchor on the front, that I love and a Paris one - that I like alot, but not sure it is me, so I may send it back tomorrow. I am also stressing about work over the summer :(
On a positive note I got a high 2.1 for my final piece of assessed work, like 2% off a 1st :)


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