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Dress to impress?

Today has been an interesting day. dropped my car at the garage to have its final repairs before the warranty runs out ..........eek! Went into town and bought a nice tin of biscuits for the people at the garage and a thank you note. Caught up with a friend for lunch and managed to rip the spotty skirt dress I bought yesterday on a door handle - great! Not! A parcel of clothes that I'd ordered arrived :) 2 good things came of it - I have my dress for my girls night out (it is black, short, low cut with a frindge back) in Birmingham and I will have about £70 refunded from he items I'll be returning! Lol. I put my BOYS II MEN tickets for sale on ebay, managed to sell them for what I'd paid for them - so am happy about that - there's towards my spending money for Disneyland Paris at the weekend! Lol.
Collected Nathi fom school. collected my car and went over to another friends for coffee and a good gossip <3 The moral was ......."Don't shit on your own door step!"
Really hoping to see my man Friday if my sister is going to be able to babysit so my fingers are crossed! He has been cake neglected lately and so I feel a big carrot cake is in order :)
Nathi is doing really well on his first week without nappies on during the day, hardly any accidents, not even at nursery - still! The realisation of him growing up is making me really broody, thank goodness I can't have any children now even if I wanted - all hail the implant! Lol! only 3 years until I finish my degree and I Nathi can have a little brother or sister! whoop whoop! :)


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