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It has been a long day today........we got up late, made it in time for my lecture, although Nathi was late for nursery! Came home at lunch, found Ushers new album waiting for me (definately an album for the bedroom ;)) ate half a box of chocolates, had a bath and nipped over to my mums to take her some flowers. Got Nathi from school with my brother and then headed over to Coventry, went to the Nigerian shop - had to stock up on some crucial ingredients for my FANTASTIC cooking! Lol. Went to a few clothes shops, bought a dress with a black and white spotted skirt (I thought it'd look really sweet with pearls!), some hair pins, a ring and a necklace. Well, I did just get paid! Then went to the supermarket and BK, the baby fell asleep in the car on the way home, carried him in and put him to bed - I hope he stays asleep tonight!
If that wasn't enough of a busy day, I have just got home and have a load of washing to do, a sink full of dishes, general housework and I have to cook something for friends to eat tomorrow!
A womans work truly is NEVER done, well atleast mine isn't!
Am hoping for an early night tonight, although I always hope for it - it rarely happens, especially with so much yet to do! Oh well - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! :)


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