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Down day!

Nat had a bad night last night, we got up really late - like 10am, so neither of us went to school.
I posted all of the parcels from ebay, sent some money to SA and paid my rent a few months in advance, printed off all of my travel documents etc for DLP and put them with my passport ready. Did 3 loads of washing so I can choose which clothes for me and Nathi to take, am hoping it doesn't rain but also hoping it isn't too hot there as I want Nathi to wear his Buzz outfit!
Went out for lunch with mom and Nat, then we went to softplay for a good few hours, Nat enjoyed himself :) I think I've been feeling abit down about Nathi growing up lately, been having terrible nightmares about him and just generally feel sad, feel like I am losing my little baby!
Felt quite lonely today, just wanted a hug.........the perils of a long distance relationship I guess, but only 2 sleeps until Friday :)
Some tops I had ordered arrived today, a nautical one with a huge anchor on the front, that I love and a Paris one - that I like alot, but not sure it is me, so I may send it back tomorrow. I am also stressing about work over the summer :(
On a positive note I got a high 2.1 for my final piece of assessed work, like 2% off a 1st :)

Dress to impress?

Today has been an interesting day. dropped my car at the garage to have its final repairs before the warranty runs out ..........eek! Went into town and bought a nice tin of biscuits for the people at the garage and a thank you note. Caught up with a friend for lunch and managed to rip the spotty skirt dress I bought yesterday on a door handle - great! Not! A parcel of clothes that I'd ordered arrived :) 2 good things came of it - I have my dress for my girls night out (it is black, short, low cut with a frindge back) in Birmingham and I will have about £70 refunded from he items I'll be returning! Lol. I put my BOYS II MEN tickets for sale on ebay, managed to sell them for what I'd paid for them - so am happy about that - there's towards my spending money for Disneyland Paris at the weekend! Lol.
Collected Nathi fom school. collected my car and went over to another friends for coffee and a good gossip <3 The moral was ......."Don't shit on your own door step!"
Really hoping to see my man Friday if my sister is going to be able to babysit so my fingers are crossed! He has been cake neglected lately and so I feel a big carrot cake is in order :)
Nathi is doing really well on his first week without nappies on during the day, hardly any accidents, not even at nursery - still! The realisation of him growing up is making me really broody, thank goodness I can't have any children now even if I wanted - all hail the implant! Lol! only 3 years until I finish my degree and I Nathi can have a little brother or sister! whoop whoop! :)


It has been a long day today........we got up late, made it in time for my lecture, although Nathi was late for nursery! Came home at lunch, found Ushers new album waiting for me (definately an album for the bedroom ;)) ate half a box of chocolates, had a bath and nipped over to my mums to take her some flowers. Got Nathi from school with my brother and then headed over to Coventry, went to the Nigerian shop - had to stock up on some crucial ingredients for my FANTASTIC cooking! Lol. Went to a few clothes shops, bought a dress with a black and white spotted skirt (I thought it'd look really sweet with pearls!), some hair pins, a ring and a necklace. Well, I did just get paid! Then went to the supermarket and BK, the baby fell asleep in the car on the way home, carried him in and put him to bed - I hope he stays asleep tonight!
If that wasn't enough of a busy day, I have just got home and have a load of washing to do, a sink full of dishes, general housework and I have to cook something for friends to eat tomorrow!
A womans work truly is NEVER done, well atleast mine isn't!
Am hoping for an early night tonight, although I always hope for it - it rarely happens, especially with so much yet to do! Oh well - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! :)

The academic year is almost over......

I haven’t posted for a while, but I am back and planning to make it regular! is almost the end of the academic year, thankfully! Assignments and presentations are all done, just study skills folder to compile, then revision and exams..............eeeek!! On a positive note, I am quite happy with how the year has gone, a few transition dips and some interesting storming, norming etc, but all in all good 
I went out over the weekend, it felt apt to go a little wild now I know that I have no more pressure of marked work, the pressure to achieve is tough! I nipped into the hairdressers and had a plait put in my hair, Jennifer Aniston- esque, wore a black lace top, a black mini, a pink bow belt and high strappy shoe boots, quite sweet really  I had a great night, went to a comedy show in Birmingham, the Read Deal Comedy show, had dinner at Filini and stayed at the Radisson hotel, my bf was very happy that all of these places were in almost breathing distance of each other! Was lovely the food was beautiful – I had buffalo mozzarella, veal and parma ham and then a chocolate tarte with caramel ice cream – washed down with a lush bottle of shiraz, that I intend to source and stock up on! The champagne flowed nicely at the start of the night and the cosmos at the end of the night – yum! Not as good as O’bars cosmos and the bar man wasn’t in the same beauty league but still good! Real Deal was awesome as always, Talentt Dacomedian was hilarious, bigging up white girls over black girls – what can I say? The man knows what he is talking about! Lol! I told him he could laugh the knickers off a nun, he told me I need to be on the stage! Not a bad idea, seems a better prospect than sitting in a dental practice the whole summer!
I treated myself to a few new non academic books today, well it will be the summer after all! Am packing Tara Palmer Tomkinsons “The Naughty Girls Guide To Life” for my Disneyland Paris trip, I will need entertaining whilst Nathi is sleeping! Although my bf has just surprised me with an ipod (!) I’d been umm ing and ahhh ing about getting one for a while, but couldn’t justify to spend that much money on myself for NO reason, bless must be love, right?! <3 So I shall have that filled with gangster music to listen to whilst away 
Talking of Disneyland, I am struggling to decide what to pack, although I have baggage allowance I’ve decided only to take hand luggage, and Nathis Quinny Zapp, he probably wont use it but I’d rather take it incase he gets exhausted and needs a rest from running like a loon in his Buzz Lightyear suit throughout the day!
Fingers crossed that the volcano wont erupt again and ruin mine and Nat’s trip!

So it is real.......

Day 4 of induction week.

This week has flown by, met all of the tutors am glad that we still have Lin this year! I have been feeling anxious, kind of wishing I was still in the 2nd years group with my friends :( - just finding it hard to settle in and relax but am sure it will be easier when we start our assignments.
My head has been whizzing with ideas of what I want to do for Lin's assignment, had a couple of my books out and was looking through last years notes and feel eager to get going now.